Modern Love (1981)
Event #12

Modern Romance

(35mm screening)

Prince Charles Cinema, 11 August 2016

In an alternative narrative of the American romantic comedy, Albert Brooks’s Modern Romance would sit side-by-side with Annie Hall and When Harry Met Sally. In actuality, while Albert Brooks is well-known as a comedian and actor, his work as a director is frequently overlooked. But between 1979 and 1991, Brooks made four of the greatest comedies in cinema, and 1981’s Modern Romance is the jewel in his crown.

Brooks himself stars as a Hollywood film editor who can’t decide whether his girlfriend Mary (Kathryn Harrold) is the one. The premise may be familiar, but the execution is singular, operating as a surprising self-critique of the neurotic, solipsistic male protagonist. Brooks proves himself to be adept at navigating contemporary romcom tropes, but what truly resonates in Modern Romance is a genuine struggle to understand modern love.

We’re delighted to present a 35mm screening of Modern Romance as part of The Prince Charles Cinema’s Check the Gate season. This is a very rare screening and the film is not available on DVD or streaming services in the UK.

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Check the Gate

Check the Gate – a collaboration between The Prince Charles Cinema and Park Circus – is a new season dedicated to presenting films from the medium of film. It is a collaborative celebration of the big screen celluloid experience with a touring programme produced by some of the nation’s finest independent programmers, journalists and film fans. As well as The Badlands Collective, Cigarette Burns Cinema, The Bechdel Test Fest, Tim Robey (The Telegraph), Jemma Desai (I Am Dora), and Paul Vickery at The Prince Charles Cinema are a few of the curators who have scoured Park Circus’ extensive collection of film prints to compile a diverse programme united by a common passion.

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