Birth (2004)
Event #1

A Tribute to Harris Savides
The Game & Birth

(35mm double bill with special guest Jonathan Glazer)

ICA London, 6 October 2013

Harris Savides (1957-2012) was one of the most exciting cinematographers of his generation, and when he passed away at age 55 from complications following a brain tumor, the movie world was uniformly shocked at his untimely death and salutatory of his astonishing body of work.

“He succeeded in suffusing entire films with luminous moods that were present but invisible, like perfume,” said American Cinematographer. From flashy music videos with Mark Romanek to Gus Van Sant’s ‘Death Trilogy’ to the pioneering digital work of Zodiac, Savides was not just technically masterful, but toned down his style to the point where one couldn’t so much see it as hear its dark, chilly voice.

We were privileged to show a 35mm print of David Fincher’s The Game (1997) and to welcome special guest director Jonathan Glazer, who introduced his own silver nitrate print of Birth (2004).

We welcome you to download the programme booklet from the event in PDF format.